Watermark add-on for LaraClassifier v2.7

Watermark add-on for LaraClassifier v2.7
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Watermark (v2.7) plugin for LaraClassifier.


To install this plugin:

  • Copy the plugin's (uncompressed) folder into the script's plugins folder like this: /extras/plugins/watermark/
  • Go to your Admin panel → Plugins (and click on "Install") to install it.


  • v2.7 => LaraClassifier v11.0.0+
  • v2.6 => LaraClassifier v10.2.0+
  • v2.5 => LaraClassifier v10.0.0 to v10.1.4
  • v2.4 => LaraClassifier v7.3.0 to v9.0.1
  • v2.3 => LaraClassifier v7.2.0 to v7.2.4
  • v2.2 => LaraClassifier v7.2.0+
  • v2.1 => LaraClassifier v7.2.0+
  • v2.0 => LaraClassifier v7.1.0 to v7.1.1
  • v1.9 => LaraClassifier v7.0.4
  • v1.8 => LaraClassifier v6.9 to v7.0.3
  • v1.7 => LaraClassifier v6.6 to v6.8
  • v1.6 => LaraClassifier v5.7 to v6.5
  • v1.5 => LaraClassifier v5.2 to v5.6
  • v1.4 => LaraClassifier v5.1
  • v1.3 => LaraClassifier v4.9 to v5.0
  • v1.2 => LaraClassifier v4.4 to v4.8
  • v1.1 => LaraClassifier v3.1 to v4.3
  • v1.0 => LaraClassifier v3.0


Replace all the plugin's files on your server.


Go to your Admin panel → Setup → General Settings → Watermark

  • Upload the watermark image using the "Watermark Picture" field.
  • Change the value of "Width" and "Height" to change the watermark sizes.
  • Change the value of "Position" to change the watermark position.
  • Change the value of "Position X" and "Position Y" to change the watermark margin X and Y.


To uninstall this plugin, go to your Admin panel → Plugins (and click on "Uninstall") to uninstall it.


To remove this plugin:

  • Uninstall it
  • Go in the folder /extras/plugins/ and remove the folder watermark/.